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In the twenty years we have been in business we have not found anything that we are so excited about as the Soundwave Bed and other Monochords.  The Soundwave Bed especially is an incredibly powerful instrument for sound healing that is also very easy to play.  On one side is a Monochord with 40 strings tuned to 3 octaves of the same note, which creates a feeling of timelessness… Floating between Heaven and Earth.  The other side is a deep sounding Tongue Drum with 4 tones, evoking grounding rhythm, structure and integration.  The sound and feeling of this instrument will carry you like a wave.  Deep, cozy, earthly tones vibrate like the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  The mind and body are wrapped in sound….all tensions are dissolved.

Easy to use, these beds can be effective in many different settings; schools, hospitals, birthing centers, prisons, corporate settings to name a few.  Used by itself or in conjunction with other healing modalities, the possibilities are endless.

We are proud to be distributors for these amazing, transformative instruments and also are happy to offer demonstrations on this bed as well as 30 minute sound treatment sessions.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.  Or just pop into our store and experience this for yourself.  Recently we developed our own line of small, portable, affordable and huggable monochords that are perfect tools for personal sound healing.
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